How can I customize translations?


I would like to customize the automatic translation for the /translate/ service. What are the options?


You have two options:

  • User Dictionaries, which will let you enter your own terminology, and the translation engines will automatically apply it
  • Corpus (Translation Memories), which will be used in priority if a sentence to translate is detected within your

To create User Dictionaries, you can either use the /resources/dictionary/add/ service (see or use the User Interface in SYSTRAN Platform (under ‘Resource Menu’).

Then, to apply dictionaries when using the ‘translation/*’ services, indicate the dictionaries to use in the ‘withDictionary’ option (see

To create your own Corpus of translation memories, use the /resources/corpus/add/ service (see, and to use a corpus during translation, indicate it in the ‘withCorpus’ option. In that case, sentences to translate that have an exact correspondance in the corpus will use the translation from the corpus instead of Automatic translation.

You can also search specific sentences or expressions within the corpus using the Corpus Match feature (/resources/corpus/match). This will search the corpus and return not only exact matches, but also “fuzzy matches”, which are approaching sentences.